Based on security preferences within IBranch, our Credit Union name change may trigger or result in additional security questions being asked during your log in process.
Welcome To iBranch Home Banking

UIECU is excited to launch our new home banking system.

Getting Started On The Mobile App

Our new Apps are now available for Android and Apple. However, an extra step will help ensure your accounts display properly. Please log on to iBranch, select Options, select Mobile Settings and check all products listed at the bottom of the screen.

Login Instructions

Current iBranch Users: Please use your current iBranch ID and password
(up to the first 10 characters) for first time login.

If you do not have an iBranch ID you will need to login using your member number and password
(up to the first 10 characters) for first time login.

Example: Jane Smith has an iBranch ID of jsmith1 and a password of awesome1234.
She will use jsmith1 and password awesome123

Some internet browsers may save user names and passwords. This will automatically complete any login for you and may allow people at your computer to use your logins without knowing your passwords. For your security, please review your internet browser's "Help" section, or contact their Customer Support, to see if this option is available and how to turn it off.