Thank you for your interest in Bank-By-Net!

Before you get started, make sure that Citizens Bank has your current email address on record as this will be used during the validation process. Also make sure that you have the following items:
  • Your account number at Citizens Bank
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Amount of your last deposit

If your enrollment application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. You must confirm your identity through a link in this email. You must access this link from the same computer and browser you used to fill out the enrollment application.

By selecting that you agree and continuing with this online Bank-By-Net application process, you agree that we may provide you an Online Banking Agreement and any revisions and amendments to the Online Banking Agreement in electronic form; and that, if you choose to accept the Online Banking Agreement, you are consenting to enter into and are entering into an Agreement electronically that will govern all future transactions you conduct using the online services and agree to be bound by its terms. From time to time, we may deliver certain information to you that is required by law or regulation to be provided to you in writing, or regarding information about our online services. By selecting yes, you agree that we may provide you the Online Banking Agreement and any revisions and amendments to the Online Banking Agreement and such other information, including but not limited to information under Regulation E and under other applicable banking or financial services laws or regulations in connection with the services, electronically as a part of the Online Banking Agreement or otherwise as a part of the online services.

If your account information is verified you will receive a Bank-By-Net user ID. The Online Banking Agreement will be presented to you upon initial login to Bank-By-Net. To receive your Online Banking Agreement, you must have a personal computer, an active account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a secure Internet Browser with 128-bit encryption. If you are accessing through our mobile application, you may also need an up-to-date device or devices (e.g., smartphone, mobile device, tablet, etc.) with a current version Apple® or Google Android™ operating system suitable for connecting to the Internet or for downloading our mobile applications or accessing our mobile websites. Additionally, you will need access to a printer or the ability to download the information in order to keep copies for your records.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to receive the Online Banking Agreement electronically. There will be no fees or penalties for withdrawal of your consent; however your access and use of the Online Service may be terminated. If the service is terminated, depending on your account type, you will be subject to any applicable fees for the receiving of a paper statement or fees that were eligible for a waiver due to your enrollment in online services such as the E-Statement service. Also, as applicable, you may no longer be eligible for certain account features such as higher interest rates. If E-Statement service is a requirement of your account, your account may be subject to closure if you cancel your enrollment in the service. You can withdraw your consent, update your e-mail address or request a paper copy of the Online Banking Agreement by calling us at 1-866-882-2265, or writing to Citizens Bank, P.O. Box 1900, Elizabethton, TN 37644-1900.