PLEASE NOTE:The information you provide in this enrollment process must match the information on file with the bank. If you receive an error message during enrollment, please check the information you've entered and try again.

Online Banking Application

Thank you so much for your interest in NetTeller! Please be aware that this is a secure area. No one else will see your personal information.

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  • Your Social Security number: (SSN ) or Tax Identification number: (TIN)
  • Your account number at our bank
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    You must access this link from the same computer and browser you used to fill out the enrollment application.

    If you would rather not provide this information you can still become an online banking user by visiting any branch.

    By clicking "I Agree", I hereby agree to all terms and conditions found in the Disclosure Agreement link directly below this box. By clicking ACCEPT you agree to the following;
  • I will be bound by the terms and conditions of Greenfield Banking Company's (hereafter referred to as Bank) Depository Agreement which may be amended at the Bank's discretion.
  • I understand that the password can be used to withdraw funds from the account(s) and that I must safeguard this code. I understand that I must remain responsible for all activity on my account. All terms and conditions that were disclosed to me when I opened my account continue to apply. I also agree to hold the Bank harmless from any and all costs, suits, expenses, liabilities, damages and attorney's fees arising from or related to the Bank acting in good faith in accordance with instructions and information that were sent electronically by the customer or the customer's authorized person(s).
  • I authorize the bank to disclose information regarding my account(s) to third parties in order to complete transactions using NetTeller, including to resolve questions regarding such transactions.
  • I agree that the Bank will not be liable to me if any authorized person intercepts electronic communications between me and the Bank.
  • I must promptly report in writing any error in connection with any NetTeller and/or Bill Pay service and any discrepancy between my records of orders and requests and the notice I receive from the Bank regarding the Bank's execution of my orders and requests.
  • I understand that the Bank will use the above e-mail address to periodically inform me of important Bank information.
  • I agree that neither I nor the bank shall be responsible for any loss or delay caused by any failure or interruption of any electronic communication system between myself and the Bank which are unavoidable or beyond either party's reasonable control.
  • I agree to pay the Bank the fees for placing stop payments and fees associated with the Bill Pay service if applicable. The Bank reserves the right to change fees and charges with advance customer notice. You agree to be bound by any transfer, instruction or payment order we receive through the Services, even if it is not authorized by you, if it includes your password or is otherwise processed by us in accordance with our security procedures. You agree to establish, maintain and update commercially reasonable policies, procedures, equipment and software that will safeguard the security and integrity of your computer system/device and information from unauthorized use, intrusion, takeover or theft, and prevent your password from unauthorized discovery or use. “You bear all risk of fraudulent transfers and other losses arising from your failure to follow this agreement or from the interception of your communications prior to their receipt by us. The Bank will not reimburse you if you fail to follow the procedures outlined in this agreement. You agree that The Bank is authorized to execute, and it is commercially reasonable for us to execute, any instruction received by us with your password.” Your statements will be available to you online for up to 18 months. You will continue to have the option to request statements, for which fees may apply; please refer to the applicable account agreement and disclosures for details. If you wish to receive a paper copy of a disclosure or other information presented to you electronically you can contact us by phone at (317)462-1431 or by email CHANGE STATEMENT DELIVERY METHOD. At any time and at no charge, you can enroll or un-enroll your accounts in E-statements. *Please note some accounts require E-statements to avoid a monthly fee.* To Un-enroll simply click on your E-Statement tab and select “Sign Up/Changes” and remove the check mark from the box next to your account that you wish changed then click “saved settings”. The change will take place the next statement cycle.

    Fee Disclosure:

    NetTeller Online Banking -Free
    Consumer Bill Pay- Free
    Business Bill Pay-no monthly fee; 20 payments free per month, then $.50 each.